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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do We Start?
    Call us! We provide an initial 30-60 minute on-site consult, at no cost, followed by a detailed estimate and proposal. If you have a larger project, an additional consulting fee might be required to work with design professionals or subcontractors to provide you with a firm estimate and proposal. If you choose to hire us for the project, the consulting fee will be applied towards the total project cost.
  • How Does The Budget Work?
    The estimating process is most effective when the client has an approximate budget in mind. That way, we can present a comprehensive, detailed proposal, based on the client’s budget, with options for cost savings. If the client is unsure about their budget, then we will first talk on the phone to discuss the project in general. We can give you a general price range to help you decide whether you would like to schedule an initial consult and pursue an estimate and proposal from us.
  • Do We Sign A Contract?
    At JLM, we work hard to ensure that we meet every one of your expectations. That’s why we take the extra effort to fully detail exactly what we will be delivering over the course of the construction project. Depending on the project, our comprehensive contract will address details such as material selections, handling any change requests that you may have during construction, and the project and payment schedule. Deposits are due upon signing the contract in order for the project to be scheduled.
  • How Do Pricing And Payment Work?
    Most contracts are for a single, fixed fee. The scope of the work is well-defined, as are all other matters that affect price, like material allowances and the change order process. Projects are scheduled with a signed contract and deposit. Pricing is divided into four or five separate payments and structured around project milestones like securing the building permit, commencing work, and municipal inspections that occur over the lifecycle of a project.
  • Can I Make Changes On The Project?
    Yes! We have a clear, client-friendly change order process included in the contract. We understand that the best design or materials choices sometimes change as the project progresses. These changes are recorded in a change order, which becomes an addendum to the contract. Depending on the scope or timing of the change, an additional service fee may be required, in addition to any additional labor and materials charges.
  • Do You Provide A Warranty?
    Yes! Our warranty is usually set for one year. Our subcontractors share our commitment to long-term client satisfaction and overall project craftmanship and quality.
  • Who Designs the Project?
    Some projects require a set of architectural plans for a firm estimate. We are experienced in working with a wide variety of design professionals. When an architect is not required, we work with clients to create the project plans. In those cases, we provide our standard 30-60 minute free consultation, after which point we may charge for any additional advisory/planning services.
  • Who Does The Work?
    John McGowan, the owner of JLM Custom, LLC, and his team are fully engaged across the duration of each project. John’s hands-on approach and commitment to every project ensures that the company is never over-committed or spread too thin, and projects are never neglected.
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